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Today we reached the milestone of 14,000 Member Accounts!

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We have now been online for 4 years!

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13,000 Member Accounts and counting!

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31.05.2012 - Wave Number 5 is Coming!
Well it is that time again! Time for the big rush of new positions!

We are approaching the beginning of our 5th month online and everything is working very well. We are adding about 1000 new positions every month.

We had team build join us in the middle of December and they added a ton of new positions and those have been coming in all month. To check out that team build go to:

Another new team build just started a few days ago and I am helping in a large capacity with that one - it is very new and only has about 15 upgraded members. That one is:

Both these teams should bring in large numbers of new positions over the next few months!

Starting on January 28, we will be starting to add our 5th positions for many of our initial members. Remember, each month you stay active you get a NEW position in YOUR own downline!

Every month at this time we cycle a whole bunch of positions from just adding these extra positions.

We have had almost 1200 subscriptions setup, which means almost that many BONUS positions could possibly to added this month to our downlines without recruiting even 1 more person!!

Having said that - maybe you want to get in before all that starts to happen!

It may or may not affect you - I cannot say if you upgrade today then you will get some spillover later this week, but it is possible depending on where you fall in the matrices.

You can upgrade directly from the site using Alertpay, SolidTrustPay or LibertyReserve. You can use PayPal by upgrading at the Advertising Site: http://advertising.incrementalcash.com/ and then I will upgrade your account here.

I do want everyone to remember what your product is for your two bucks monthly - you get advertising - banners and text ads - shown across the IncrementalCash network.
So please if you do not have your advertising account setup then go and do it. Signup at the link below - make sure you put your userid number in the Name field along with your name so I can cross reference it and upgrade you right away. You get 1000 banners and 1000 text ads every month you remain upgraded. As you progress, you get even more - we have our Supervisors getting 2500 and our Manager getting 5000!

We are currently averaging about 10300 banner views per day and 31100 text ad views - we could display more if we had more inventory of ads - so get your in today.

Here is the link to get your advertising:

Let's get out there and advertise! We are now getting over 80% upgrade rate, which is AWESOME! That means if you get 4 people to signup and verify their account, then on average 3 of them will upgrade! Try that somewhere else!



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